The first K9000 Dogwash was installed in New Zealand in 2011. The K9000 Dogwash created a revolutionary new market for DIY Dog Washing that has changed the way that people clean their dogs in New Zealand.

Our simple, practical approach to providing a trustworthy and reliable product has been at the cornerstone of our vision. The key to our sustained success are the quality of the experience for the end user washing the dog, and also how the K9000 works for the business owner.

This has been a great success, providing dog owners with the most convenient way to wash their dogs on a regular basis and business owners being able to add value to their existing services.

With over 800,000 dogs in New Zealand and a pet care industry worth approx 1.8 Billion dollars, the potential to add value to existing business services speaks for itself. With many existing operators extremely happy with their investment from their existing machines.

We have carefully selected operators in key areas around the country to confirm K9000 as a true market leader. With new models and refinements always in motion. The evolution of our range is the result of feedback from our valued clients, paired with the wealth of knowledge in our K9000 team.

Our machine has proven to be successful in a wide range of industry placements, from its origins in the car wash industry, to pet stores, vet clinics, petrol stations, caravan parks, community living and stand alone Dogwash stores.

Not only do we build the worlds best dogwash, we also back up our range with full after sales service, phone support with spare parts and consumables dispatching every day for our valued clients.

We look forward to joining with you and discussing how the K9000 dog wash presents a unique opportunity to become an integral part of your business.

The first K9000 Dogwash was installed in New Zealand in 2011 and is still operating flawlessly to this day, creating hassle free income and profit for its owner. The reliability of our range of models is at the heart of our reputation.

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